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Investigation, projects and awards

The Gloria Fuertes School, through out its history, has developed a number of investigation projects related to Psychomotor Education, Environmental Education and Plastic Expression. Over the last years, its evolution has received numerous prizes and awards, amongst which the following can be mentioned:

Acto inaugural del III Coloquio Nacional de Psicomotricidad, 1996
Inauguration ceremony of the III National Colloquium on Psychomotor Education, 1996.

  • Year 2002-2003. First National Prize from UNESCO for the work "New readings of old monuments"
  • Year 2003-2004. National prize for experience of Road Sense directed at persons with intellectual disability.
  • Year 2004-2005. Drawing prize awarded by the Teruel Provincial Diputation.
  • Year 2004-2005. National prize from the ONCE in the competition dedicated to Don Quijote "Somewhere in your imagination"
  • Year 2004-2005 Santillana 2005 national prize, in the special education section, in the XXVII Competition of educational experiences. In the same competition our entry received the Santillana 2005 Special Prize.
  • Year 2004-2005 Lower Aragonese Award of the Year to the School Staff for their extraordinary teaching role.
  • Year 2006-2007 CERMI-Aragon 2007 award for Education, Culture and Sport organised by the Committee of Organisations Representing Disabled Persons
  • Year 2009. First Prize of the II School Competition on Consumer Education in Aragón in the category of Compulsory Secondary Education.
  • Year 2009  First National Prize of Special Education Marta Mata  of Quality in education.

    When making the report to apply to the prize we considered the following criteria, about the educational activity, indicated in the summons. In the report we sent, we described the actions we have developed during a period of time: making an initial explanation, a description, the objectives, the participants, the activities, the distribution in the time, the evaluation, the involvement of the educational community, the results and the future projects.
    Here, below each criteria, it is written a summary of the main actions Gloria Fuertes school have taken about them.

    1. It has to be suitable to all the students, so that they can achieve their highest potential, as individuals, socially, intellectually, culturally and emotionally, and always ensuring an environment of equal opportunities.

    We have an individualized curricular programme for each pupil. The field of Learning Support provides help to students in the areas of psychomotor therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy. The field of Educational Support offers support to the teaching and learning process of the pupils, organises the tutorial plan of action and assists, together with the tutorial staff, in the guidance plan for the transition to adult life and introduction into the work environment...
    We have had been acknowledged by national, regional and local governmental bodies and administrations with several prizes and distinctions for our educational labor and for working constantly on our student’s inclusion.

                        The headmistress of the school with the Marta Mata prize award.

    2. The primary objectives should always be the acquisition of basic competences, the improvement of the academic results and the social integration on the students.

    We deep constantly in the curriculum contents, in the methodologies to acquire  the competencies and the evaluation procedures in order to make our educational intervention more effective. We have developed   several Training School projects in which are involved all the staff of the school.
     We have made applied investigation in some areas like psycomotricity and sensorial integration and the results are positive.
    We have developed innovation projects in: speech therapy, communication skills, artistic education and environmental topics.
    We share activities with mainstream schools and collaborate with different associations nearby in order to contribute to the social inclusion of our pupils.

    3. It has to be in favor of a philosophy that promotes high social values, such as personal freedom, responsibility, democratic citizen ship, living peacefully together, solidarity, tolerance, equality, respect and justice; all of them are the starting grounds for sharing life peacefully together.

    We have a plan for living together focuses on an education with values that reinforces the aspects of intercultural and not sexist education. In the area of social and personal independence we work on social abilities and emotional education. We are enrolled in the UNESCO National Associated Schools Net which promotes programs and activities for developing social values in the school.

    4. It has to be in search of ways to integrate the efforts of the educational community (school professionals, students, families and environment)

    One of the goals of our school is to generate an atmosphere of dialogue between the professionals and the educational community, so that we foment the active participation, which assures the implication in the School Educational project.  Teamwork is the back bone of our educational action project. The implication of the families is a basic point.  We have a Training school for families in cooperation with the Parents Association of our school. We work towards a more socially inclusive climate in our society.

    5. It must take organization and curricular actions to create an environment for open learning.

    We work with active methodologies and flexible groups where the pupil is the principal protagonist of his learning. We say in our educational project: “The school in which we believe try to educate pupils for life”, so to develop a functional learning. Another of our pillars is the on going training of our staff in order to improve our educational strategies.

    6. It must encourage self initiative and independence.

    We have a specific area for social and personal independence, as it is very clear for us that working on this area helps enormously our students to become more autonomous socially and in their daily living activities.

    7. It has to look for strategies to integrate the information and communication technologies.

    We have integrated in our schooling practice the use of the ICT. Teachers and pupils use digital slates, adapted computers and opened programs that we can adapt to the needs of our students.

            The representatives of Gloria Fuertes school with the Aragon Educational authorities.

    8. The centre must be open to the surroundings, to the working world and to society in general.

    Our school is an open educational resource institution for the professionals working in our district’s mainstream institutions. We participate in town activities that promote the associations and institutions of our area. We have regular cooperation with some of them: environment centre, public library and other schools.
    We have developed a programme for working experience in various companies, to insert the pupils that study vocational training in the labour market.
    We pay special attention to promote a positive view of people with disabilities; for that we use the media, our website and blog.

    9. It has to develop exchange programs with other centers and participate in educational networks.

    We are enrolled in general educational programmes with other schools like: skiing trips, environmental projects, schooling exchanges, reading promotions, educational meetings. We belong to the nets of UNESCO National Associated Schools and Health Promoting Schools in Aragon. We have developed three Comenius Partnership European projects and two ARCE projects (National group of networks of educational centres).

    10. It must incorporate a systematic process of evaluation whose purpose is to assess, evaluate and make changes to better our educational task.

    We use various evaluation procedures and tools to evaluate the different aspects concerning: the school management, our team work and coordination actions, our programmes and the learning of our pupils.
    In the ongoing training programme we have developed, one of our challenges is to improve our evaluation strategies as much as possible, because we are convinced that it is the way to improve the quality of our education.

  • Year 2009. Hostelling International Prize for the Project “The Mudéjar of Teruel, a heritage very close to us”.
  • Year 2010 National  Prize of Lifelong  learning Programme for the developing of Comenius Projects. Acknowledgment of the education quality for favouring equal opportunities with the inclusion of students with special needs into European projects, providing more understanding of the European community and for increasing intercultural awareness by transnational mobility actions.

                          In the center, Peña Martínez  with the other people awarded.

  • Year 2010. ATADES Prize for the project “Giants with stilts” that recognizes the work of the school in favour of the integration of pupils with specials needs, through programmes which contributes to social inclusion.
  • Year 2010. Premio ASADIC para la plantilla del Gloria Fuertes por su empeño en eliminar barreras arquitectónicas y de todo tipo de cara a la integración social de las personas con discapacidad.
  • Year 2012.  Finalist with a special distinction in the X Cinema and Health Short Contest which is awarded by the Aragon Government Education Council for the film  “This way they dream, this way it sounds”.

                        A group of pupils with the teachers receiving the distinction.

The Centre has also developed national and regional events, such as the following:

  • 1995. National Meeting of Associated Schools to UNESCO
  • 1996. III National Colloquium on Psychomotor Education

           Casi toda la plantilla del Gloria Fuertes con el Premio Bajoaragonés de Honor en mayo de 2005
             Most of the Gloria Fuertes staff after receiving the Bajoaragones Prize of Honour, 2005.

  • 2003 I Aragon Meeting on Psychomotor Education
  • 2006 II Aragon Meeting on Psychomotor Education
  • 2007 III Aragon Meeting on Psychomotor Education
  • 2008. On 25th Anniversary, the Provincial Education Department gives an award to this Centre for the its Educational Trayectory.
  • 2008. 2nd National Prize of Educared in the modality of Blog for the work "I love you water".
  • 2008 IV Aragon Meeting on Psychomotor Education
  • 2010 V Aragon Meeting on Psychomotor Education
  • 2011 VI Aragon Meeting on Psychomotor Education
  • 2012 VII Aragon Meeting on Psychomotor Education

A number of its professionals have received the following distinctions:

Representantes de la Asociación de Madres y Padres y profesionales del Centro, mostrando el reconocimiento a la labor educativa del Centro en su 25 aniversario, otorgado por la Dirección Provincial de Educación de Teruel. Mayo, 2008
Representatives of the Parents Association and of the Professionals of the centre, showing the distinction for the educational task of the School, in its 25th anniversary, awarded by the Provincial Service of Education, 2008.

  • 2004. Two teachers distinguished with the José de Calasanz Cross which is awarded by the Aragon Government Education Council.

  • 2004. A teacher distinguished with the Zangalleta Prize which is awarded by the Physically Handicapped of Aragon.

  • (2012) 2nd National Prize in the XVII Humanity and Environment Contest, organized by Camargo Town Council, Cantabria, where the work of Gloria Fuertes on Natural Environment projects was acknowledged.

  • (2012) 1st PRIZE in the poster contest about AIDS, organized by Red Cross Youths of Andorra.
    The winning posters were created by the students of 8th and 10th grades of the school.

  • (2013) Three of our students won prizes on the drawing and sculpture modalities of the first contest “ART WITH CAPITAL LETTERS” organized by the “Smile and Embrace me” Association of Andorra.

  • (2013) First Prize for the sort documental “How many crocodiles can be fitted in a month?” by Paula Blesa, in the III Aragon Festival of Women and Cinema, held in Andorra (Teruel), in the Information category. Also the Public Special Prize was won.

    This documental is about the process for making the annual school calendar using Serigraphy (an old printing method). Our calendar has been produced for the last 27 years by the students of second stage and some of the first stage under the direction of José María Peguero, the Art and Crafts teacher. This year’s topic has been on the interpretation of the sculptures made by the students through the years and placed in the school play ground.

  • (2013) First Prize and Special Prize of the Public for the short documental “How many crocodiles can be fitted in a month?” by Paula Blesa, in the XI Contest for Short films and Cinema and Health, organized by the Public Health Department and the Educational Politics and Permanent Education Department of the Aragón Government, with the collaboration of IberCaja Bank.

  • (2013) Prize won by the 8th grade students in the V Pablo Antonio Crespo Literature Contest on the subject “Small people with big ideas. Solutions for a crisis”. The title of the awarded work was “Decalogue for a crisis” which the students elaborated with their tutor Lola Oriol, where the respect for the environment, the care for the disable and the importance of Health Services and Education in Rural areas were portrayed. A special word was noted for “making the extraordinary different”.

  • (2013) Prize to the most humanitarian film in the VI Edition of the International Cinema and Disability Festival organized by the Foundation ANADE for the documental “How many crocodiles can be fitted in a month?” by Paula Blesa.

    Since its beginning, the goal of the ANADE Foundation, located in Collado Villalba, has been the social and labour insertion of persons with disability or mental illness by using cultural activities. The purpose of this goal is to show the true capacities of the mentally ill and the disable, through stories or documental that have to do with disability, either for the topic in itself or for using disable people in the films.

  • (2013) Prize awarded to the documental “How many Crocodiles can be fitted in a month” by Paula Blesa as the best documental in Aragón XVIII edition of the Zaragoza Film Festival. The Jury was composed of personalities of the film industry, such as: the actors, José Coronado y Amaia Salamanca; the director, Gracia Querejeta; and the producer Claudio Biern Boyd. The awarding ceremony was presented by Greg Papas. The prize was collected by the documental director Paula Blesa, the coordinator of the Calendar production Jose María Peguero and one of the protagonists of the documental, Daniel Gracia. The three of them expressed their gratitude to the jury; Daniel’s words were particularly emotive and in spite of feeling a bit nervous he spoke to the public with great ease.

  • (2013) Prize to the best Aragón movie in the VI Contest for short films of Bujaraloz to the documental “How many crocodiles can be fitted in o month?” by Paula Blesa, who was very happy to receive both awards. According to her, the film producer, this story is born from the fact that she used to by the school calendar every year, where “they do an extraordinary job”. “Been that I work on television production, I wanted to put all this in a film. Thus, last year we filmed the story about the calendar making, which is made collectively by many students. The filming was an unforgettable experience; during five consecutive days, using two cameras and a team of five people, we recorded the whole event, witnessing the entire process, with the students working enthusiastically and behaving in a very natural way” said Paula.

  • (2013) 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes in the Contest for the Best Poster about AIDS organized by Andorra Red Cross Youths. Students from 8th and 10th grades participated with 5 posters, three of which won the first positions.

  • (2013) Gloria Fuertes School was awarded in the XXI edition of Christmas tales, organized by SER Radio of Teruel. The awarded tale “A very special Christmas Tree” was written collectively by all of the 8º grade students.
    This story was also presented using the pictographic system, an augmentative and alternative communication method used regularly at our school. Special congratulations for this written work were expressed by the jury, due to its emotive nature, according to the SER Radio Director, Camino Ibarz. Lola Oriol and Cristina Roqueta were the teachers assisting the students in the production of this story.

  • (2013) Two of our students were awarded in the VI Pablo Antonio Crespo Literatura Contest. This year’s topic was: “do not let anybody tell where to live”. Luis Pérez, 8th grade students, wrote a very emotive text about his home town, Escatrón, pointing out the advantages of living there and how important is to have the basic services in small villages to ensure a good quality of life. Lidia Lopez from 11th grade presented in a few original verses the essence of Utrillas, her home village. Both writings were among a group of twenty five entered to this contest from our school.

  • (2013) The Gloria Fuertes School received a special mention in the VI edition of the Protagonists in Education Prizes, awarded by the newspaper MAGISTERIO on October the 30th in the Caisa Forum Hall of Madrid. A total of 8 prizes and 2 special mentions were awarded.
    After six editions, these Education Prizes have become a reference of good educational practise at a national and international level. The prize our centre got, was a gesture to acknowledge the work done on social inclusion for the mentally disable and the innovating work performed by the school staff to get the best development out of our students potential.

  • (2013) Two Prizes in the III CERMI-Aragón Painting and Sculture Contest. In the intellectually disable category, the student Oscar Bayod Comeras received the first prize in sculpture for his work, “OLD MAN WITH A WALKING STICK”, which consisted of a trip to Brussels for him and an accompanying person.

  • Special Prize: the jury gave an Accésit to the students of the CPEE Gloria Fuertes of Andorra for his great effort and originality in their work: “CALENDAR 2015”. The purpose of this contest is to promote, through artistic expression, the integration and knowledge of the European Institutions to the persons with disability.
    Gloria Fuertes - Investigation, projects and awards   Gloria Fuertes - Investigation, projects and awards   Gloria Fuertes - Investigation, projects and awards   Gloria Fuertes - Investigation, projects and awards  
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