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The data about the centre

Gloria Fuertes School is a Public Special Education Centre that is located in Andorra, a village in the province of Teruel and in the Autonomous Community of Aragón.

The Gloria Fuertes College was founded in 1982, and in 1987, became the Centre for the immediate region. It is a district centre, which has pupils from Andorra and other nearby villages. Nowadays it receives pupils from more than 25 villages, which arrive from seven different transport routes. There is a canteen service.

Pupil capacity: 70. Pupils with different degrees of intellectual disability. They have different syndromes related to impaired motor, sensory and mental retardation.

Educational stages: Infant Education, Compulsory Basic Education, Occupational Training.

Most of the pupils who come to our centre for Preschool and Primary Education levels cannot enter an integrative framework, as they are highly handicapped. In other cases they come because the mainstream centres don't have the appropriate resources to respond to their educational needs.

Some others pupils from age 12 to 21 have been schooling in mainstream schools, within the integration programme, during pre-school and primary levels and come to the centre for Compulsory Secondary Education (from 12 to 16 years of age) and Vocational Training (from 16 years onwards).

The data about the centre

Types of schooling

Full-time at the Centre, Combined Schooling and Clinical Care.

In combined schooling the pupil shares the school timetable between an ordinary school and a special school. In each school a part of his/her curricular adaptation is developed. This type of schooling is very appropriate for pupils who are able to integrate in some curriculum areas in mainstream schools but they need more specialized methodology, teaching materials, adapted computers, timing or sequence of curricular content. to improve in other fields.

Gloria Fuertes School is also an open educational resource institution for the professionals working in the district's mainstream institutions. Pupils who are schooling in ordinary schools come for specialised therapies ( psycomotricity, physiotherapy..) and to be evaluated in Psycomotor and Communication skills, as well as given an assessment and intervention program.

The school enjoys a 2000-square-metre surface area and specific areas for various activities.

It shares a playground, gymnasium and some activities with the adjoining 'Juan Alegre' Primary School.

The Parents Association organizes free time activities and actively supports, together with the Centre's professional staff, a Training Centre for Parents. It is a member of the Spanish Federation of Parents' Associations (FEAPS).

The data about the centre

Human resources

  • Teaching staff
  • Speech therapist
  • Psychomotor therapist and Physical Education teaching staff
  • Musical Education teaching staff
  • Occupational Training technical teaching staff
  • Psycopedagogue
  • Social worker
  • Physiotherapists
  • Nurse
  • Special Education assistants
  • Janitor
  • Kitchen staff
    Gloria Fuertes - School and educational project   Gloria Fuertes - School and educational project   Gloria Fuertes - School and educational project   Gloria Fuertes - School and educational project  
Calle Fuente Baja, 28  -  44500 ANDORRA (TERUEL) Tel. 978 84 26 52  -
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